Reduce Council Tax Hike To 3.5%, Says Plaid Cymru Leader


Plaid Cymru is calling on the ruling Labour group on Caerphilly Council to reduce the council tax rise to 3.5%.

The council leader has already proposed a rise of 4.7% - down from the original plan to push up charges by 6.95% in the wake of an extra £11m a year from the Welsh Government.

But Councillor Colin Mann, leader of the opposition Plaid Cymru group, says he believes there is scope to trim another 1.2% off the council tax rises without impacting on services and will write to the council leader asking for her to make this change 

Councillor Colin Mann said: “We’re pleased that the Labour group has drawn back from cuts in services which we highlighted as unacceptable. They have also gone some way on the council tax rise but we believe they could be bolder.

“Cutting the council tax increase by another 1.2% would mean around £600,000 more having to be found.  We have identified areas within finance where this can be done, such as a temporary reduction in debt charges of £500,000.  This was originally proposed and has no impact on front-line services.

“Neighbouring Torfaen is already proposing an increase of under four per cent while Rhondda Cynon Taf is going further and keeping the rise to under three per cent. The Welsh Government loosened the purse strings and Caerphilly council should go further to reduce the burden on council taxpayers.”

Plaid group secretary Councillor Teresa Parry added: “For many people council tax is one of the top monthly bills they are faced with.  We should reduce the impact on them as much we possibly can.  I regularly meet many people relying on food banks, even those who have jobs.  Many residents are still struggling to get pay rises after a decade of austerity so the council should do more to help them.”