Make Checks On Abuse Of Blue Badges, Urge Plaid Cymru


Plaid Cymru is calling for checks to be made in Caerphilly county to ensure blue badges issued to disabled motorists are not being abused.

The appeal has been after it was revealed following a Freedom of Information request  that revealed over the last five years not a single exercise has been carried out to check if badges are being misused. There are more than 15,000 blue badge holders in Caerphilly county.

In August, a two-day crackdown on the misuse of the blue badge scheme in Bridgend saw 20 badges taken away from people. The majority of cases involved people using someone else’s badge dishonestly to avoid paying for parking.

Councillor Colin Mann, leader of the opposition Plaid Cymru group, said: “There are concerns that some people may be misusing blue badges to which they are not entitled. But in Caerphilly county we don’t have a clue on the extent of the problem because the council has done no exercises for at least five years and not a single badge has been removed  for dishonesty.

“I am calling on the Labour leadership to instigate checks as happened in Bridgend where significant abuse was uncovered. We need to operate a zero tolerance  policy in Caerphilly.

“If someone misuses a blue badge they are taking away a disabled parking place from those that need it as they go about their business.”