Welsh Government Cuts Delay Welsh Medium School Scheme in Caerphilly


 Caerphilly county borough council's Cabinet Member for Education, Councillor Phil Bevan has bitterly criticised the Welsh Government over its decision to cut funding for new school projects.

Councillor Bevan said that the decision by the Welsh Government to reduce its financial support from 70% to 50% will mean a delay in plans for a new Welsh medium school on the former St Ilan site in Caerphilly.

"This announcement from the Welsh Government means many local authorities just do not have the funds for their School Organisational Programmes (SOP)."

Councillor Bevan went on: "The plans for a new Welsh medium school on the St Ilan site, because of the uncertainty of funding, will be delayed for at least a year while the council works out a new proposal for Welsh medium education. All Year 7 pupils residing within the Caerphilly County Borough Council area, will be accommodated in Ysgol Gyfun Cwm Rhymni from September 2012, providing their admission applications are returned by the due date.

"We will be working with Welsh Government officials to achievean excellent solution for the future of Welsh medium comprehensive education on the St Ilan site," he added.