Plaid Leader Attacks Labour Over Fair Funding


Councillor Allan Pritchard, Plaid Cymru leader of Caerphilly County Borough Council, has accused Labour of failing to stand up for Wales over fair funding.

Councillor Pritchard said: "At the Assembly elections in May Labour promised to stand up for Wales against the nasty Tories in Westminster. Yet, now we see the First Minister on his knees at the table of the rich man, seeking crumbs from the Con-Lib Dem table in London.

“Peter Hain MPand Wayne David MP stated that they would fight to defend Wales while in opposition. But where were they when they had their large majority during their years of government? They knew that Wales was being short changed compared to Scotland and Northern Ireland?”

Councillor Pritchard went on: “Labour had years to address this issue but their Welsh MPs chose to sit on their hands and do nothing other than to ask for reports.

“It has been clearly demonstrated that the Barnett formula was totally unfair to the people of Wales and should be replaced with a needs based allocation. Even when Labour had clear evidence, they simply continued to sit on their hands and play politics, failing to introduce a fairer system of funding. Now, it is those nasties in government who are sitting on the reports and ignoring the needs of Wales.

“Had Labour acted when in power to address fair funding, we would have had at least half a loaf and not the crumbs that we are still left with,” he added.