Residents in Caerphilly pay through their pockets in council tax rises when Labour is in charge of the county borough council, figures produced have revealed.

In every year since Plaid took control of the authority three years ago, council tax rises have been lower than under the previous Labour administration.

Under Labour Band D payers had to fork out an extra £136 over four years in council tax while in the three years when Plaid has sent bills out the rise has been just £45.34 – almost £100 LESS. Plaid is also aiming to freeze council tax in 2012-13.

And since 1998 the average increase under Labour has been 5.68 per cent – compared to 3.59 per cent under Plaid.

Ron Davies, Plaid’s Assembly candidate for Caerphilly, said: “The facts are undeniable. Caerphilly residents pay more – and a lot more – under Labour. That shows what you get when you have Plaid politicians in charge locally rather than Labour.

“And Labour’s rises were imposed in the good times while the Plaid-led council has had to work in times of recession and great austerity.”

Councillor Lindsay Whittle, Plaid leader of Caerphilly council, said: “The Labour Assembly Member has had the cheek to criticise Plaid over its decision to freeze council tax. That’s because he wants individuals and families to pay more.

“The facts are here, loud and clear. Labour takes a lot more out of people’s income in council tax than Plaid – in fact almost £100. Perhaps, he should ask the people of the county borough – do they want to pay Labour’s rises or do their prefer Plaid’s value for money authority?

“We believe it is important to help individuals and families during these tough times when jobs are going, pay is being frozen or cut and fuel, food and energy charges are rising. That is why we froze council tax in 2011-12 and we aim to do the same next year. This is no gimmick – because people can see the difference in their pockets.”



Since 1998

Average increase under Labour   5.68%
Average increase under Plaid      3.59%